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The cloud game platform serves as the game publisher built up by Cloud Union (“CU”) by virtue of its cutting-edge technology in could computing. With the advantages like no downloading, no installation, and no consideration of terminal configuration, this platform is armed with such capabilities as multi-platform, multi-display interaction and pirate prevention. In consideration of the promising application of the technology of cloud game in more fields, CU hopes to reform greatly the business models, application innovation and cooperation approaches of cloud computing industry, with a view to stimulating the technical innovation of the whole industry and establishing the industrial ecological chain with all partners for mutual benefits.

Content the cooperation / application developers cooperation

Rely on the complete set of solutions (including pay channels and back-stage management) provided to content developers, we will help developers reduce costs of R&D and operation, shorten the development cycle of products and improve the operation efficiency, aiming to offer updated information about the game publishing. For on-line game operators, CU has separately built up the cloud promotion platform to minimize the configuration requirements for logging in games so that the game panorama unveils immediately when players click web pages. We are looking forward to establishing widely cooperative relationships with game content developers, online-game operators, and software developers, aiming to jointly expand new channels of content publishing, and explore new models of on-line game promotion.


We are able to help Internet access operators and break barriers between game contents and display terminals, and make full use of ever-expansible Internet access to bandwidth to design and jointly operate novel products based on the cloud game platform, hoping that players are no longer bogged down in the restriction engendered by capabilities and compatibility of differentiated terminals and may enjoy HD games at any time and anywhere. With the hope of cooperation with operations, in terms of Internet data center, hardware devices of cloud platforms, marketing and paying channels, enterprise customer expansion, cloud application technology and business innovation, we will provide operators with several models of business cooperation such as business commission, cloud design application, deployment and operation. We are warmly welcoming any calls and letters from all operators for more details and sharing benefits from the cloud computing era.

Terminal equipment manufacturers to cooperate

For terminal device manufacturers, we shall provide complete advanced cloud computing application solutions based on cloud games. With the incorporated cutting-edge killer applications, these schemes are conducive to considerably increase added value, and embellish brand and technical images of those devices produced by those manufacturers. In addition, these schemes may also help leap across the limitation of device performance and materialize multi heavy-duty application. We are covet for the cooperation with all terminal device manufacturers (like Smart TV, Smart Phone, STB and Tablet, etc.), hankering to jointly excavate potentials of application cooperation for the mutual benefits from business development.

Marketing cooperation

We are itchy for marketing and sale cooperation with all media companies and business promoters.

Other cooperation

We also desire the cooperation in any manners such as investment cooperation, overseas market development, and cooperative development.